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Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]: A Thank You

One of the things I like most about Elevated Roots is the sense of community that has sprung up around the store and the brand.

At the end of the day, Elevated Roots is a community-based, local business.  Advertising cannabis in Massachusetts is tricky; the basic rule of thumb is that any advertisement needs to be “gate-kept” so that 85% of the folks who see it are 21-plus.  Our marketing approach has been focused on doing things the right way, in accordance with the regulations, and focusing on organic growth.

From that perspective, it’s been very cool to watch the community formed by the staff and the customers generate the kind of lasting growth that has universally powered small businesses, regardless of industry. These relationships have formed an inclusive vibe that simply can’t be bought.



Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]

Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]: Talking to your Friends about Elevated

Well, this is going to sound pretty weird coming from a dude who refuses to publicly identify himself, but this week’s Amateur Hour is all about talking to your friends about marijuana (and, by proxy, Elevated Roots).

This is an odd industry to step into.  Predictably (and understandably), the regulations around the marketing of marijuana are stringent.  There are a lot of moments where the state laws interact oddly with the federal laws.  In many respects, each state is its own island.

But, from a marketing perspective, this industry — like most — is all about building a loyal following through word-of-mouth.  Which brings us to the past few weeks.  Whether it is the proliferation of new dispensaries, or a change in the way people behave, post-COVID, marijuana is becoming less and less taboo a subject at social gatherings.

Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]: Talking to Friends about Elevated

Rahul's Reserve: Nova Farms

This week, for Rahul’s Reserve, Rahul Patel is offering selections from Nova Farms.

Patel said he is very excited to have Nova on board for this weekend.

“The main reason I picked Nova is because they have one of a kind products like the King Palm Blunts multipack and pre-roll multipacks,” said Patel.  “They also have some great vape carts and edibles! They are skilled cultivators who get truly amazing quality product from an outdoor grow.”

Rahul’s Reserve:

Curbside Pickup with [REDACTED]

For this week on Amateur Hour with [REDACTED], I decided to try out the curbside delivery option at Elevated Roots.

Despite my newbie status, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of knowing the folks in the store, which has eased my stress considerably.  But this week — in order to try out some recommendation from Rahul, our Director of Operations (and one from Bobby) — I decided to order in advance.

Curbside Pickup with Amateur Hour

Rahul's Reserve: Rosin Vape Carts from Origyn

This week, Rahul Patel has acquired hard-to-come-by Rosin Vape Carts from Origyn Extracts.

“Hash Rosin is a Solvent-less extract made from hash,” said Patel.   “Due not using any solvents to extract the concentrate, every hit is filled a burst of rich terpy flavor!”

Patel added that this is a limited quantity drop.  The only place to find it on the South Shore is Elevated Roots!

So, swing through and ask about Rahul’s Reserve!

Rahul’s Reserve:

Cannabis Connection: July 15

This week’s round-up of industry news includes a lawsuit from Borat, the first moves towards federal legalization in the Senate, and a company using algorithms to tailor cannabis products to consumers.

Cannabis Connection: July 15

Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]: Elevated Weekends

Full disclosure — if the title of the column didn’t make it obvious — I’m new to the cannabis industry.  My role here is to bring that outsider’s perspective to the way Elevated Roots grows, with a customer-first focus.

But, in the end, what makes a local business successful is the: A) quality of the product; and B) the feeling a customer gets when engaging with the brand.  (Side note: the feeling that one gets when consuming the Elevated Roots product is a separate side benefit).

I alluded to this factor in my last column, pointing out the great work of the staff to make the store feel comfortable for cannabis users of all experience levels, but I was struck by something this week.

Twice, during my trips to the store, I encountered customers making comments to other customers about how everyone leaves the store happy.  So, I started watching for it.

And, man, if it wasn’t true.

Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]: Elevated Weekends

Rahul's Reserve: Bedtime Betty's

KINGSTON, Mass. — This week on Rahul’s Reserve, our Director of Operations, Rahul Patel, is highlighting Bedtime Betty’s.  These gummies are vegan, gluten and dairy free, and offer a mix of THC and Melatonin.

“Bedtime Betty’s are the pick this week!” said Patel.  “This is an amazing product with 5 milligrams of THC and 2 milligrams of melatonin as well.”

Rahul’s Reserve:

Cannabis Connection: July 7

This week, Elevated Roots continues its weekly blog focusing on all of the news surrounding the ever-changing cannabis industry in Massachusetts.  In this edition, there is the story of a Boston lawyer’s efforts to normalize cannabis use, the opening of cannabis delivery services, and North Shore vets advocating for cannabis as an authorized treatment for PTSD.

Cannabis Connection: July 7

Rahul's Epic 4th of July Reserve!

For the 4th of July, we wanted to make the Reserve extra special,” said Patel.  “I’ve been saving some of our highest-demand, limited availability items.

“I wanted to make a secret 4th of July menu just for our Instagram followers.  I’ve been planning this for a while and I’m really excited to offer them to everyone.”

Patel said he is excited to see the store buzzing every day.  He’s been particularly impressed with the management team’s work in getting the store ready for moments like this.

“I want to give a quick shout to our Management team,” said Patel.  “Brian, Zach, and Alyssa have been doing an amazing job keeping the store rolling! You guys are an integral part of the success we have been seeing till this point and couldn’t have gotten it here without your hard work and dedication to making Elevated Roots the best it can be! I wanted to Thank you for that!!”

Rahul’s Epic 4th of July Reserve

Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]: Elevated Staff Makes All the Difference

While the staff at Elevated Roots has always been top notch, I really feel like they have become championship calibre in the past month.  Again, like most things that are successful about Elevated Roots, it’s by design.

General Manager Brian Moskin has set a tone with the staff that is remarkably human.  I believe that Moskin’s care and consideration of the staff’s needs, training, and communication has led to a great deal of trust among our front-of-the-house team.

The reason this matters to a less experienced cannabis shopper — at least in my opinion — is that it has allowed the staff to be their most authentic selves, rather than worried about making the hard sales pitch.

Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]: Why Elevated Roots is Different

Rahul's Reserve: Kanha Gummies

This week, our Director of Operations, Rahul Patel, has placed gummies from Kanha on his Reserve for the weekend.

“They are a California-based edible brand,” said Patel.  “The have, by far, perfected their flavor profiles. It’s pretty amazing.”

Patel’s favorite is the watermelon flavor, while mango would be second.

Rahul’s Reserve: Kanha Gummies

The Cannabis Connection Blog

This week, Elevated Roots is launching a weekly blog focusing on all of the news surrounding the ever-changing cannabis industry in Massachusetts.  This week’s edition is highlighted by a former professional athlete from Boston launching his own line of cannabis products, unexpected delays in the launch of New York state adult-use recreational marijuana, and a review of the state-by-state differences regarding the regulation of edibles.

Cannabis Connection – 6.23.21

Rahul's Reserve: Affinisweets Macarons

One of the coolest developments surrounding the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts has been the emergence of a range of high quality, boutique edibles.  Long gone are the days of “special” brownies and their unpredicatable effects.

This week, on Rahul’s Reserve, our Director of Operations has a special shipment of cannabis-infused macarons from Affinity.

Rahul’s Reserve: Affinisweet Macarons

Amateur Hour with [Redacted]: Five Things to Know About Your First Visit

Welcome back to Amateur Hour with [REDACTED], a weekly look at how Elevated Roots is working to be the dispensary for all (even those who are checking to make sure no one saw them pull in the parking lot).

KINGSTON, Mass. — One of the biggest barriers to visiting a dispensary for someone like me is, you know, actually visiting the dispensary.

Here are 5 things to know about your first visit to Elevated Roots and how we’ve designed things to make it more welcoming and less stressful.


Rahul's Reserve: Northeast Alternatives

KINGSTON, Mass. — This week, on Rahul’s Reserve, our fearless connoisseur is presenting two edible offerings from one of his favorite vendors, Northeast Alternatives.

“NEA is an award-winning local company from Fall River, Mass.,” said Patel, Elevated Roots’ Director of Operations.  “They have two main products that we carry.  The Double-Baked Chocolates and the Cannatini Gummies.

Rahul’s Reserve: Northeast Alternatives

Elevated Roots is Bear-Proof

KINGSTON, Mass. — Your daily reminder that Elevated Roots is bear-proof, in case you encounter the South Shore bear in your travels and are seeking shelter.

Also, if the bear is cool, we’re cool with the bear too.  But, we would prefer that he order through the curbside pickup, if possible.

Elevated Roots is Bear-Proof

253 + Elevated: Rahul's Reserve

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — This week, in Curator’s Corner, our Director of Operations, Rahul Patel is placing several products from 253 Farmacy on reserve for the weekend.

But, in reality, this process started several years ago, when Patel — with Elevated Roots still just a concept — first decided to make a cold call 253’s Seth Rutherford, trekking all the way out in Turners Falls.

“My only thought at the time was that we were going to get our license and that if we were going to be the best dispensary in South Shore we needed their product,” said Patel.  “I wanted to be their retail partner for Kingston/Plymouth area.”


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