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Amateur Hour with [Redacted]: Five Things to Know About Your First Visit

Welcome back to Amateur Hour with [REDACTED], a weekly look at how Elevated Roots is working to be the dispensary for all (even those who are checking to make sure no one saw them pull in the parking lot).

KINGSTON, Mass. — One of the biggest barriers to visiting a dispensary for someone like me is, you know, actually visiting the dispensary.

Here are 5 things to know about your first visit to Elevated Roots and how we’ve designed things to make it more welcoming and less stressful.


Rahul's Reserve: Northeast Alternatives

KINGSTON, Mass. — This week, on Rahul’s Reserve, our fearless connoisseur is presenting two edible offerings from one of his favorite vendors, Northeast Alternatives.

“NEA is an award-winning local company from Fall River, Mass.,” said Patel, Elevated Roots’ Director of Operations.  “They have two main products that we carry.  The Double-Baked Chocolates and the Cannatini Gummies.

Rahul’s Reserve: Northeast Alternatives

Elevated Roots is Bear-Proof

KINGSTON, Mass. — Your daily reminder that Elevated Roots is bear-proof, in case you encounter the South Shore bear in your travels and are seeking shelter.

Also, if the bear is cool, we’re cool with the bear too.  But, we would prefer that he order through the curbside pickup, if possible.

Elevated Roots is Bear-Proof

253 + Elevated: Rahul's Reserve

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — This week, in Curator’s Corner, our Director of Operations, Rahul Patel is placing several products from 253 Farmacy on reserve for the weekend.

But, in reality, this process started several years ago, when Patel — with Elevated Roots still just a concept — first decided to make a cold call 253’s Seth Rutherford, trekking all the way out in Turners Falls.

“My only thought at the time was that we were going to get our license and that if we were going to be the best dispensary in South Shore we needed their product,” said Patel.  “I wanted to be their retail partner for Kingston/Plymouth area.”


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Our Dispensary in Kingston, MA

Our first recreational cannabis dispensary in Kingston, Massachusetts will feature an open and inviting showroom with a well-trained team available to assist you with all your cannabis needs. We’re excited to announce that we will be open for business in early 2021.

We’re proud to be an active member of the communities we serve across Massachusetts. We recognize the importance of having safe and dependable access to high-quality cannabis products. Understanding that each customer has unique needs, we provide flexible pick-up options during these trying times. Elevated Roots is proud to be the largest curbside pickup dispensary in all of Massachusetts! Check out our curbside pickup process.

First time visiting us? We’ll tell you everything you need to know to make your drop-in seamless.

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