CBD comes to Elevated!

Elevated Roots Dispensary

KINGSTON — This week, Rahul’s Reserve goes a bit off the board, welcoming in CBD products from Newburyport’s The Healing Rose. “The Healing Rose is a local company licensed by the MDAR,” said Patel.  “Their major focus is body care and oils. “I’m really excited to have both their CBD salves and their CBD bath […]

Rev Clinics

KINGSTON — This week’s pick for Rahul’s Reserve is a selection of high-testing flower from Rev Clinics. “We just got in some really high-testing flowers,” said Patel.  “All of the strains are testing at 26-30%. “I also brought in some interesting strains, including Motorbreath, which is a great Indica-based hybrid.  Chemdog and SFVOG and has […]



My Reserve Rahul’s Reserve for this week is the Incredibles Product line. From Rahul: “They have some of the best chocolates in the market. They also one of the only vendors with a 5 to 1 CBN and THC chocolate which is an amazing product to help get you relax and feeling nice before bed!” […]

Green Harbor Dispensary

This week on Rahul’s Reserve, we have products from Green Harbor Dispensary. “They are local company that is really focusing on quality of product that they are putting out,” said Patel.  “Nick and his team do an amazing job from start to finish making sure the terps and cannabinoids are not getting lost!” Green Harbor […]

B Noble x Curaleaf

KINGSTON — This week, on Rahul’s Reserve, we have a special collaboration between B Noble and Curaleaf.  This product helps to raise awareness to inequities in cannabis policies and the story of B. Noble, who spent years in prison for possessing a small amount of marijuana. From Curaleaf: “Our partnership with B NOBLE is our […]

Nova Farms

This week, for Rahul’s Reserve, Rahul Patel is offering selections of vapes, pre-rolls, and blunts from Nova Farms.  Check out all our Nova Farms stock here. Patel said he is very excited to have Nova on board for this weekend. “The main reason I picked Nova is because they have one of a kind products […]

Rahul’s Reserve: Bedtime Betty’s

KINGSTON, Mass. — This week on Rahul’s Reserve, our Director of Operations, Rahul Patel, is highlighting Bedtime Betty’s.  These gummies are vegan, gluten and dairy free, and offer a mix of THC and Melatonin. “Bedtime Betty’s are the pick this week!” said Patel.  “This is an amazing product with 5 milligrams of THC and 2 […]

Rahul’s Epic 4th of July Reserve

KINGSTON, Mass. — Well, this one’s gonna top them all.  For the past month, Rahul Patel, our Director of Operations, has been planning his biggest reserve yet. “For the 4th of July, we wanted to make the Reserve extra special,” said Patel.  “I’ve been saving some of our highest-demand, limited availability items. “I wanted to […]

Rahul’s Reserve: Kanha Gummies

KINGSTON, Mass. — This week, our Director of Operations, Rahul Patel, has placed gummies from Kanha on his Reserve for the weekend. “They are a California-based edible brand,” said Patel.  “The have, by far, perfected their flavor profiles. It’s pretty amazing.” Patel’s favorite is the watermelon flavor, while mango would be second. “In Massachusetts, they’ve […]

Rahul’s Reserve: Affinisweets Macarons

KINGSTON, Mass — One of the coolest developments surrounding the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts has been the emergence of a range of high quality, boutique edibles.  Long gone are the days of “special” brownies and their unintended effects. This week, on Rahul’s Reserve, our Director of Operations has a special shipment of cannabis-infused macarons […]

Rahul’s Reserve: Northeast Alternatives

KINGSTON, Mass. — This week, on Rahul’s Reserve, our fearless connoisseur is presenting two edible offerings from one of his favorite vendors, Northeast Alternatives. “NEA is an award-winning local company from Fall River, Mass.,” said Patel, Elevated Roots’ Director of Operations.  “They have two main products that we carry.  The Double-Baked Chocolates and the Cannatini […]

253 + Elevated Roots

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — This week, in Curator’s Corner, our Director of Operations, Rahul Patel is placing several products from 253 Farmacy on reserve for the weekend. But, in reality, this process started several years ago, when Patel — with Elevated Roots still just a concept — first decided to make a cold call on 253’s […]