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Elevated Roots

Our Dispensary is Only 10 Minutes from Plymouth, MA

Our dispensary is only a 10-20 minute drive for most Plymouth residents. We’re located right off of Exit 8 on Pilgrims Highway.

Largest Curb-side Dispensary in the State

We understand that the in-store shopping experience has shifted, and we have adapted. If you’d rather sit in your car, that’s fine! We’ll come up out with your order and get you on your way. Elevated Roots is Massachusetts’ largest curbside pickup dispensary.

We take pride in being a real one-stop cannabis store, offering everything you might need. Whether you’re a rookie or a vet, you’ll find Elevated Roots to be your new go-to dispensary. Plymouth residents can expect first-class service and flexible pick-up options for these challenging times. We are committed to providing customized experiences for all customers, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Why visit Elevated Roots from Plymouth, MA?

We know, Elevated Roots is not the only dispensary near Plymouth, MA. But we are the best dispensary. Why? Well here are just a few reasons you should considering making the short trip to our firs pot shop location. Elevated Roots has:

  • A top-notch selection of the finest cannabis flower you’ll find in the state
  • The most potent cannabis concentrates available (love resin, rosin and more)
  • Carefully curated edibles that will leave you wanting more
  • An assortment of high quality cannabis accessories

We’re more than just a dispensary

That’s right – at Elevated Roots, we offer a full-on, one-of-a-kind, luxurious cannabis experience. Come here to take a load off, hangout with friends, and most importantly find some top-shelf bud so you can keep the relaxation going once you get back home.

We’re a high quality & ultra-enjoyable cannabis wellness experience

Visiting our dispensary is not just a trip to the store, it’s a mindset adjustment! Our goal is to help you enjoy life to the absolute best of your ability, and we just so happen to believe that cannabis is an important tool for achieving that goal.

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