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How to Shop for Vape Pens

Posted on April 11th, 2021 to Education

As cannabis has grown to be a more openly acceptable thing in our society, new ways to enjoy our favorite plant have emerged. Cannabis vape pens are the perfect example. If you have only ever tried smoking cannabis in the most traditional way, vaping cannabis may offer a new, less conspicuous, and possibly more enjoyable experience. In order to try vaping cannabis, you will need to understand what you are looking for to make the process happen.

Vape pens consist of a battery, which may or may not be rechargeable, an atomizer that heats up, and a cartridge of cannabis concentrate. However, there are a few nuances to understand as you check out the many choices available. Here’s a closer look to help you along.

What’s a disposable vape pen?

A disposable vape pen comes pre-filled with a cannabis concentrate. The pen is a battery, atomizer, and cartridge all in one, so you simply buy your chosen pen, use what’s in the pen, and then throw away the device when no more hits are left. Most often, disposable vape pens will give you a certain number of puffs in each unit.

What are the benefits of a non-disposable vape pen vs disposable?

Non-disposable vape pens give you the opportunity to either refill an interior compartment with your own cannabis concentrates or change out carts. If you usually stick with a certain concentrate or prefer a specific vaping oil, the non-disposable, refillable vape pens can be a good option. Likewise, a non-disposable means you can simply buy new carts to try new strains and not invest in a full pen. Disposable vape pens are definitely convenient; you can simply pick up a pre-filled pen that is an all-in-one unit. However, buying just the replacement carts or concentrates to refill your own tank can sometimes be the most cost-effective choice.

Can I vape cannabis flower or just concentrates?

You may have heard mention of vaping actual cannabis flower, which may have you wondering: How do I vape flower with a pen? Cannabis flower can actually be vaped without altering that flower in any real way. However, in order to do so, you do have to invest in a specific type of vaping setup. Only certain vaping devices are designed to vaporize raw flower. These devices usually have an interior compartment where you place small amounts of bud. The internal atomizer of the vaping device heats to a certain temperature substantial enough to force vapors from the flower.

Vape Pens FAQs

What’s a 510 thread?

When you are shopping for cannabis vape carts, you will see that most are noted to offer a “510 thread.” The reference to the 510 thread is used to describe the size of the threads that are used to screw a cart onto a base or vape pen battery. Broken down, 510 means the cart thread has 10 threads that are 0.5mm between each thread. While most vape pen batteries will offer the same size connection, it is always a good idea to check out what you have to ensure any cart you are considering will mount properly on your device.

What are the standard vape pens?

Standard vape pens can work with just about any vape cartridge, are easy to operate, and usually don’t have a hefty price tag. Keep in mind the standard pen is likely to only work with cannabis concentrates or prefilled tanks or carts; these standard pens don’t usually have temperature control, which is a must if you are vaping raw flower.

Do cannabis vape pens produce the same effects as smoking cannabis?

In most cases, as long as you are using a well-built vape, you can expect the same effects with vaping cannabis as smoking it. One of the primary differences, however, is the fact that you can enjoy cannabis without the typical undesirables. For example, vaping a cannabis concentrate is not going to yield the strong smell that can come along with lighting and burning cannabis. Likewise, if you have specific sensitivities to inhaling smoke, vaping is not likely to cause as much irritation. Just the same, you do get the cannabinoids delivered to your lungs in a straightforward, fast-acting fashion.

Always Opt for the Most Trustworthy Cannabis Vaping Products

Whether you want to try a disposable vape pen prefilled with cannabis concentrate or have your own vape pen that needs a cart, make sure what you try comes from a reliable manufacturer. The safety and end quality of the experience when vaping cannabis in any form is highly reliant on the vape products you use. Looking for disposable vape pens, prefilled cannabis carts, or concentrates? Be sure to check out our menu at Elevated Roots.

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