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Learn How to Store Weed Without the Smell

Posted on December 16th, 2020 to Education

How to Lowkey Store Your Stash Minus the Stank

With a quick whiff of your cannabis stash, you know you’ve got the goods — but there are times when it’s best that it doesn’t stink up the place. When faced with that reality, you have to act fast or everyone will know about the loud pack in your pocket. Thankfully, you do have some excellent cannabis storage options to consider that’ll keep those dank odors locked up tight. To help you find the best option for your needs, here’s a look at how to store your weed without the smell.

Option 1: Stop weed from smelling in the bag

If you absolutely must use plastic, vacuum seal it. We recommend getting a vacuum sealer with a heavy duty plastic to ensure it’s completely air-tight. Food storage vacuum sealers like the Foodsaver work very well. The only problem is they are not very cheap. We recommend moving on from plastic baggies all together. Vacuum sealers work well but you’ll waste a lot of plastic, and sandwich bags like Ziplocs won’t keep your cannabis fresh. For that reason, it’s best to forget trying to stop weed from smelling in the bag and just transfer it into a different container as soon as possible. With that move, you will not only keep your stash of buds discreet, but you will also prevent them from drying out and getting stale.

Option 2: Get a better container for your buds

This is the best option. Premium cannabis storage containers have a tight-fitting lid that keeps air transfer from occurring. Without air transfer, that cannabis stank cannot escape the container. Keeping outside air and humidity out of the container will also keep your buds fresh for longer. That means better taste, better aroma, and better potency retention.

The best cannabis storage options:

No smell cannabis storage containers are all the rage these days. There are smell proof bags, jars, and aluminum cases on the market. You can even go to the next level with a purpose-built marijuana humidor. Not all storage options are made equal, however, so go with a brand you trust.

To get a high quality cannabis storage container, consider products from:

  • Masterdam
  • Cannador
  • Helmet Head
  • Sure Cure
  • Herb Guard

In a pinch, you can use a mason jar with a tightly-fitting screw on lid. The jar will keep the smell contained while preserving the quality of your cannabis for weeks. They do fall short when it comes to portability, however, so you’ll need something different when you want to take your buds on the go.

7 Things to Look for in a Cannabis Container

When looking for your ideal storage container, remember to look beyond its ability to contain smells and keep your buds fresh. Depending on your needs, you might also want it to:

  1. Does it block all UV rays?
  2. Can it control temperature?
  3. Does it offer supreme portability?
  4. Does it come with childproof locks?
  5. Does it have a discreet appearance?
  6. Can you separate multiple strains within it?
  7. Can it store large amounts?

If you’re not sure what cannabis containers to buy, contact us. We will happily point you in the right direction using our knowledge on just what it takes to store weed without the smell. So, drop on by the shop or give us a call to get the conversation started. Our team looks forward to helping you select all your ideal cannabis products.

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