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Find Casper OG | Find | 28g

Casper OG is an unique indica dominant hybrid developed by combining the strains Face Off OG and Ghost OG. Casper OG, with its high THC content and restful bedtime effects, will quickly become your favorite, friendliest OG ghost to have around! The high comes on gradually, pouring over you in gentle waves of warmth and a cheerful attitude enhancement. This boost will not influence your energy level, but will instead provide you with a little fuzzy and drowsy sensation of mental tranquility. On each smooth exhale, this bud has a sweet skunky citrus flavor with overtones of deep diesel. As the nugs are burned, the flavor is of fresh dank pine and biting citrus enhanced by skunky chemicals.

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Find Bangarang | Find | 28g

Bangarang is a sativa dominant hybrid produced by an unknown cross of other hybrid strains. The high hits you strong and quick, blasting into your brain with a high-flying exhilaration that lifts your spirits to new heights of elevated happiness and joyful sociability. You’ll experience a brief burst of focus before dissolving into a hazy euphoria that will have you grinning for hours. This is complemented with a calming body high that allows you to kick back and truly relax. This bud has a sweet and tart zesty lemon flavor with an exhale of very fiery pepper. The scent is similar, with a tart citrus undertone complemented by spicy herbs and fresh soil.

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Trailstix MTF Pre-Roll | Trailstix | 1g

Matanuska Thunder F**k is another name for M.T.F. It is a hybrid strain that is known for being highly strong for even the most seasoned marijuana user. Coming from Alaska, it has a musky scent with earthy undertones. However, its flavor will have you going back for more; when inhaled, the strain will leave a chocolate aftertaste in your tongue for hours. The nugget is coated in cold white hairs, which should remind you of its wintry origin.

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Trailstix Slapz Pre-Roll 7-pack | Trailstix | 3.5g

Slapz is an indica-dominant hybrid generated by crossing the excellent Runtz X Grease Monkey strains. You’ll feel an immediate burst of ecstatic energy that fills your head with heightened inventiveness and unfathomable bliss. This energy will quickly diminish, replaced with a tingling, heady contentment that is quite unfocused. This bud has a sweet and tangy lemony citrus flavor with a flowery lavender exhale. The scent is sour zesty lemon with a spicy earthy undertone enhanced by floral lavender and peppery diesel.

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Find Pie of the Tiger Pre-Roll | Find | 1g

Pie of the Tiger is an indica-dominant hybrid generated by crossing the potent Motorbreath #15 and Pie 95 strains. This famous offspring has a strong flavor and an even stronger high, making it ideal for a relaxing afternoon. The high begins slowly, affecting the head initially with a gradually developing euphoric lift. This happiness can quickly settle negative or rushing thoughts, replacing them with a little heavy and drooping sensation of tranquility. On exhale, this bud has a sweet and delicious cherry berry flavor with a blast of pungent diesel. The scent is similar, with a sweet fruity undertone emphasized by highly spicy diesel and aromatic woods.

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Find Orange Bubba Pre-Roll | Find | 1g

When you cross Bubba Kush with Agent Orange, you get a fantastic hybrid-sativa strain that is hazy, giggly, euphoric, and cheerful. This midday strain is ready to keep you energized for a productive and motivating morning.

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