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Rahul’s Reserve: Boomsticks from Sira Naturals

Rahul’s Reserve: Boomsticks from Sira Naturals

KINGSTON — This week, for Rahul’s Reserve, we are offering special pre-rolls from Sira Naturals.

“My pick is the Boomsticks from Sira Naturals!” said Patel.  “These are infused pre-rolls, perfect for people that are looking for that extra punch!

One of the keys for this week’s Reserve is that it is offered in several different options.

“We have 3 different options — sativa, indica, and hybrid — for each desired effect!” said Patel.  “These guys have .7g of premium flower and .3g of wax to give it that kick!

“We’re very lucky to be among the limited stores get this item.  I’m glad to be able to bring these types of limited availability items to the Elevated community!”

Pre-order for curbside by clicking here!

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