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Weed Terminology

Posted on November 25th, 2020 to Education

Slang terms for new cannabis users

So you’re relatively new to the world of cannabis and you want to up your knowledge on the current lingo. Maybe you grew up in a world where it was either referred to as “grass”, “weed”, or more intensely, “the devil’s lettuce”. Weed terminology you’ve been accustomed to has quickly evolved. You might have noticed that there is a whole new set of slang terms being used on the marijuana market today, and the list just keeps growing! Think of this post as a guide to dispensary terms – a cannabis glossary, if you will.

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The most widely used weed terminology

Before you get lost in the sea of slang for weed, you should first consider the most widely used terminology.

General slang terms for cannabis

These terms are used to describe cannabis in general. You may have heard these words being tossed around in conversation, and most of them are interchangeable with the word “cannabis”:

  • Weed, marijuana, pot, ganja, mary jane

It’s also important to know that terms like marijuana are being used less frequently due to negative historical connotations. Some other, more outdated & less common terms also include:

  • Grass, dope, chronic, reefer, skunk, wacky tobacky, hippie lettuce

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Terms used to describe cannabis flowers or buds

As you’re probably already aware, cannabis comes in many forms. The most popular form of cannabis historically is the raw flower or buds. Here are a few other words you might see being used to describe raw cannabis flowers:

  • Flowers, Bud(s), Nug(s), Nugget(s), Shake, Green

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Synonyms for high quality cannabis flower

Most of these terms can be used to describe any type of high quality cannabis product, but they are usually referring to the actual buds or flowers:

  • Loud, dank, fire, kind buds, sensimilla

Some other less common terms used to describe high quality cannabis flower also include:

  • Bomb chron, good good, sticky icky

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Synonyms for low quality cannabis flower

If you’ve come across any of these terms, you might want to consider finding a new supplier! Here are some slang terms that are used when describing low quality cannabis:

  • Mids, ditch weed, shwag, snicklefrits, dirt (not creative, but likely accurate)

Some other less common terms used to describe low quality buds also include:

  • Reggie, regs, bammers, shwoop (weird, we know)

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Terms used to describe cannabis concentrates

First of all, keep in mind that all of these terms refer to a specific kind of cannabis concentrate (they don’t all mean the same thing). Stop in a chat with one of our budtenders or call us if you have specific questions about any of these, we’re happy to chat with you!

  • Dab(s), rosin, live rosin, resin, live resin, hash, hashish, hash oil, simply “oil”, 710, glob(s), sauce, wax, shatter, distillate, honeycomb(s), pie crust, caviar, BHO (butane hash oil), RSO (rick simpson oil)

And the list goes on…let us help you clarify a few things in the realm of cannabis concentrates
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*Solvent-based concentrates* or concentrated forms of cannabis that require a chemical solvent for extraction & production:

Often, solvent-based concentrates will have the name of the solvent used in the name of the product. The most common solvents used in extraction and production of concentrates are:

  • Butane (used to make BHO or Butane Hash Oil), propane (used to make PHO or Propane Hash Oil), alcohol (isopropyl alcohol or ethanol are used), CO2, liquid nitrogen, hexane (similar to butane and propane)

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*Solventless concentrates* or concentrated forms of cannabis that do not require any chemical solvents in their extraction, production or creation:
  • Kief, bubble hash, rosin, solventless shatter, budder (whipped rosin), freeze dried hash oil, dry sift, rosin jam, rosin sauce

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Terms used to describe cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles are a bit different than other forms because you can pretty much infuse cannabis into ANYTHING edible. As long as the food or beverage contains some form of cannabis, it can be called an edible. This goes for sweets & candy, savory meals, butter, coconut oil, coffee, tea, soda, even cannabis-infused WATER! So, rather than list off slang terms for edibles, here are some of the most commonly found THC-infused edibles on the market today:

  • Chocolate, gummies, cookies, mints, coffee, soda, even WATER

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