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Elevated Roots Cultivation Marks Milestone with First Flower Harvest, Announces New Brand


KINGSTON, MA – Elevated Roots Cultivation announces the inaugural harvest of its premium cannabis flower at the company’s new Kingston facility. This milestone heralds the arrival a new brand set to redefine cannabis culture in Massachusetts come Spring 2024.

Nurtured with passion and expertise, Elevated Roots’ flower will be unveiled as: Nostalgia.

Nostalgia is an homage to the timeless allure of cannabis history and the spirit of exploration, celebration, and community that defines our journey through the ever-evolving cannabis landscape. With a focus on authenticity and quality, Nostalgia promises a journey back in time with every puff.

Under the Nostalgia brand, you can expect to encounter a diverse selection of legendary strains from decades past, each carefully curated to evoke the essence of cannabis history. The first batch includes Acapulco Gold from the 1960s, Maui Waui from the 1970s, Afghan Skunk from the 1980s, Jack Herer from the 1990s, and several other strains that took the team years to source. In total, Nostalgia is expected to carry more three dozen ever-evolving strains.

“This harvest signifies the culmination of years of perfecting our growing techniques sourcing the perfect genetics,” says Josh Barnhart, Director of Cultivation at Elevated Roots. “As we unveil Nostalgia to Massachusetts, we invite enthusiasts to experience the absolute joy in lighting up a strain that is just about as close to what your granddad might have smoked back in the day as possible. I can’t wait to share these genetics and the stories behind them with our community.”

Highlights of Elevated Roots’ Cultivation include a sprawling 18,000 square foot facility nurturing over 600 plants in perpetual harvest while also maintaining approximately 150 mother plants. Sustainability remains paramount with water conservation techniques and energy-efficient solutions, and nearly 80% of the water used to hydrate the plants is recycled from within the grow facility itself.

With a strategic approach to cultivation, each of Elevated Roots’ four grow rooms undergoes harvesting every two weeks, ensuring a steady supply of premium flower. The cultivation team, currently comprised of six members, anticipates expansion to 20-25 as the brand looks to expand across the state.

Nostalgia will be available in dispensaries in Massachusetts beginning in Spring 2024.

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About Elevated Roots Cultivation:

Elevated Roots Cultivation is a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility located on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Our 18,000 square foot cultivation space, with an 8,000 square foot canopy, supports over 600 plants in perpetual harvest, including 150 mother plants. We prioritize water conservation and energy efficiency, with nearly 80% of the water used to hydrate the plants is recycled from within the facility. Nostalgia flower and pre-rolls will be available in Massachusetts beginning in Spring 2024.

About Nostalgia:

NOSTALGIA emerges as Massachusetts’ premier cannabis brand, cultivating authenticity and innovation in every bud. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures the production of premium flower and pre-rolls, showcasing legendary strains from the past for the modern consumer to enjoy. Nostalgia will keep you burnin’ through the decades.

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