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How To Reduce Waste as a Cannabis Consumer

Hey there, green-minded tokers! While we all enjoy the delights cannabis bring us this Earth Week (and always), it’s crucial to think about the impact our habits have on this beautiful planet. Here’s how you can puff responsibly and ensure that your cannabis consumption doesn’t leave a giant ecological footprint. Let’s dive into some entertaining and effective ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in your cannabis lifestyle: 


  • Go for Glass: Why? Glass jars/ containers can be reused indefinitely, reducing the need for single-use plastics. Reuse them for homemade edibles, storing herbs, as funky home décor, or turn those old cannabis containers into chic mini storage solutions for spices, herbs. You can even make a tiny terrarium! Have an overload of empty containers? Participate in recycling programs offered by dispensaries or brands that take back used plastic packaging!  


  • Bulk Buys: Buying larger quantities on your dispensary trip, instead of multiple smaller amounts, will help to reduce how much packaging you’re walking out with. This will also shorten your travel time as you won’t take as many rides to the store. Some dispensaries offer discounts for larger purchases, so you can save money while saving the planet. More green, less waste. 


  • Repurpose with Purpose: Cannabis packaging, especially those compliant packages, can often be reused. Get creative—use old tincture bottles for homemade oils or transform them into quirky, tiny vases. Bags can be used to store those smaller items with no home.  


  • Vape More, Waste Less: Vaping is a more efficient method of consumption than smoking due to producing less waste, as the devices are often reusable/ rechargeable. Look for refillable vape pens or dry herb vaporizers, and don’t forget to recycle those dead cartridges responsibly!  


  • DIY Dosage: Preparing your own edibles or tinctures can minimize packaging waste from store-bought products. Use trim or other less desirable parts of the plant, which are often sold in larger amounts to save our home planet while also saving on edibles!  


  • Advocate for Eco-Friendly Packaging: Demand creates supply. Asking for and choosing products with sustainable packaging can drive change in the industry. Support dispensaries and brands that prioritize sustainability. 


  • Educate, Engage, & Encourage: Spreading the word about sustainable practices amplifies your impact. Even one conversation about reducing waste during your sesh can ~plant the seed~ in your friends’ minds, getting them on a greener path for the future!  


Every puff doesn’t have to come with a footprint. By embracing eco-friendly practices, you can enjoy your highs without the environmental lows. Remember that in the world of cannabis, being green is about more than just the color of the buds. It’s about preserving our Earth, so we can continue enjoying them! Let’s roll up toward a more sustainable future—one toke at a time! 



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