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253 + Elevated Roots

253 + Elevated Roots

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — This week, in Curator’s Corner, our Director of Operations, Rahul Patel is placing several products from 253 Farmacy on reserve for the weekend.

But, in reality, this process started several years ago, when Patel — with Elevated Roots still just a concept — first decided to make a cold call on 253’s Seth Rutherford, trekking all the way out in Turners Falls.

“My only thought at the time was that we were going to get our license and that if we were going to be the best dispensary in South Shore we needed their product,” said Patel.  “I wanted to be their retail partner for Kingston/Plymouth area.”

In Patel, Rutherford saw a kindred spirit.

“When Rahul and I met we hit it off right away,” said Rutherford.  “We both have a passion for cannabis and producing high quality products.  Relationships are the most important aspects of any business. In the cannabis business, relationships are even more important, due to the infant stages of this industry.”

Now, just a few weeks after first opening the Elevated Roots doors, Patel is proud to be featuring the brand he first envisioned as a flagship of the store.

“When I first tried the 253 product, I instantly knew they were the best,” said Patel.  “The nose and the visual of their flower are the product of their care and skill as growers.  I knew 253 didn’t work with a lot of partners in the state, which was why I wanted to get to know them early.  Access to local boutique brands is a major part of what makes Elevated Roots special.

Rutherford concurred.

“253 is made up of local entrepreneurs that have a major passion for cannabis,” said Rutherford.  “At 253 we have a passion for the cannabis plant, not the dollar.”

So, come on in this weekend and ask any of our specialists about the Elevated+253 Reserve for this weekend.

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