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[REDACTED] Top 5: Why LEVIA Will Save Your Weekend

[REDACTED] Top 5: Why LEVIA Will Save Your Weekend

Welcome back to Amateur Hour with [REDACTED], a weekly look at how Elevated Roots is working to be the dispensary for all (even those who are checking to make sure no one saw them pull in the parking lot).

UNDISCLOSED — My advice for this week is simple:  Use this link, order a case of LEVIA, and pick it up curbside.

As we move along and become more comfortable, the columns here will be more nuanced.  But, for Memorial Day Weekend, this is definitely the move.

No one is more excited to reopen the world than I am.  My entire industry was shut down (hence, the new digs here at Elevated Roots).  But the sudden reopening has created a good deal of short-term stress.

So here are my Top 5 reasons why LEVIA will save your weekend:

5) Boston is a drinking town.  Having a drink in your hand on Memorial Day weekend is pretty much required around these here parts.  LEVIA, which comes in three flavor and cannabis profiles (CELEBRATE, ACHIEVE, and DREAMS) is a great option to have.

4) Clear Instructions.  Each can is tested, labeled, and comes with instructions printed on it.  It’s a great first foray into the world of cannabis.

3) One-Stop Shop.  It’s possible that it’s just me, but I’m always trying to figure out what to bring to parties at the last minute. Get yourself a case mid-week and you’re set for the weekend.  Which brings us to…

2) Built-in Party Anecdotes. Regardless of where you stand on the continuum of reopening the world post-pandemic, going back to parties with tons of people is going to be weird at first.  But, if you’re the person who brought the LEVIA, your first conversation starter is on us.  And, finally…

1) Levia is Delicious.  No, seriously.  This is number one for me.  If you are seltzer fan (bubbles + zero calories + scientifically debatable rehydration), LEVIA is a true seltzer with the benefit of a THC kick.

So, have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend with your friends and family, from us here at Elevated.

It’s good to be back!



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