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Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]

Amateur Hour with [REDACTED]

UNDISCLOSED — One of the things I like most about Elevated Roots is the sense of community that has sprung up around the store and the brand.

At the end of the day, Elevated Roots is a community-based, local business.  Advertising cannabis in Massachusetts is tricky; the basic rule of thumb is that any advertisement needs to be “gate-kept” so that 85% of the folks who see it are 21-plus.  Our marketing approach has been focused on doing things the right way, in accordance with the regulations, and focusing on organic growth.

From that perspective, it’s been very cool to watch the community formed by the staff and the customers generate the kind of lasting growth that has universally powered small businesses, regardless of industry.  These relationships have formed an inclusive vibe that simply can’t be bought.

So, thanks to all the folks who have told others about our spot.  And thanks to all those who have shared smiles in our retail space.  (And thanks to our employees for making it a safe and welcoming experience.)

Culture is earned by a community that upholds standards.  And culture is what helps business survive the inevitable ebbs and flows that accompanies running a small business.

As we get set to look beyond Labor Day and expanding our efforts to bring new folks into our store to interact with the Elevated Roots brand, I thought it was a good time to thank all those that built this foundation.  We wouldn’t be where we are today, without all of you.




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