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Green Harbor Dispensary

This week on Rahul’s Reserve, we have products from Green Harbor Dispensary.

“They are local company that is really focusing on quality of product that they are putting out,” said Patel.  “Nick and his team do an amazing job from start to finish making sure the terps and cannabinoids are not getting lost!”

Green Harbor offers a variety of products, which we are proud to add to our menu.

“We are a locally and minority owned MA company that is dedicated to grow quality flower with great enjoyment and care given by our team,” said Nick Patel from Green Harbor.  “Utilizing low amounts of fertilizer along with longer dry/cure times for our flower, enables us to deliver a clean and quality experience with our products. Our team strongly believes that the overall experience and effects of a flower are more relevant than the percentages on a label.”

Check out our lineup here.

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