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Just In: High-Testing Flower From Cultivate and Sira Naturals

Just In: High-Testing Flower From Cultivate and Sira Naturals

KINGSTON — Rahul Patel is a busy man.  He moves through his day, from meeting-to-meeting, with the purpose and urgency befitting his role as Elevated Roots‘ Director of Operations.

But — even in the midst of transitioning from Elevated Roots as a concept, to Elevated Roots as vibrant community — there is one thing that always brings a reflective pause and a giant smile:  getting his hands on rare flower.

Chocolate OG by Cultivate
Chocolate OG from Cultivate — testing at 35% — is in stock this weekend at Elevated Roots.

“I’m super excited for this weekend,” he says, with the aforementioned smile overwhelming his go-go business personality.  “We have some really high-testing flower coming in from both Cultivate and Sira Naturals.  It’s extremely rare to see 30-percent plus.  It takes skilled artisans.  I can’t wait to offer our Elevated Community this opportunity.”

It’s no mistake that these offerings have made their way to Elevated Roots.  Patel is in charge of curating the product available at Elevated Roots, a process that started many years before the doors opened in April.

“I like to travel to these vendors and visit both their cultivation and retail establishment,” said Patel.  “You can learn a lot from seeing the level of care that they put into their process and their plans.  When I see product like this, from people I know are doing it the right way, I know our customers are getting top-shelf flower.”

The two select offerings for this weekend are a special Chocolate OG from Cultivate that tested at 35 percent and a Chuck OG by Sira testing at 31 percent.  Landing flower with these numbers is a result of the relationships that Patel has built during the opening process.  He’s excited to finally be sharing the benefits of this work with the Elevated Community

“I’ve worked hard over the past few years to reach out to multiple different vendors,” said Patel.  “We have been building relationships with the best vendors in the state.  I feel that it is my job to ensure that our flower is the best collection around.”

It’s something that has not gone unnoticed with the vendors.

Chuck OG by Sira Naturals
Exclusive Chuck OG from Sira Naturals is in stock this weekend testing at 31%.

“The best thing about the Chuck OG is that it’s a Sira exclusive,” said David Applebaum, a Sales Cannasseur at Sira Naturals.  “It’s from our original head grower’s personal seed collection and we are the only ones who grow it.”

If you are thinking about making a special trip to Elevated Roots this weekend for these flowers, don’t worry.   Even though supply is limited, Patel and the staff have reserved a percentage of the stock for anyone making the drive on Saturday or Sunday.  Just mention this article to any of our specialists and they’ll help you access that special reserve.

“We’re lucky to have it in stock,” said Patel.  “So, if you are making the drive, we want to make sure we’ve got it for you.  Just check in with the staff.  Can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this.”

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