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No One Saw Me Come In, Right?

No One Saw Me Come In, Right?

Amateur Hour with [REDACTED] is the Elevated Community’s invitation to folks who may need a little help getting comfortable with it being, you know, legal to buy marijuana in Massachusetts.  Don’t worry, you’re welcome here.

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION — The first thing I did was send a group text to my dad and my siblings.

“Hey, I just took a job helping to sell marijuana.  Don’t tell mom.”

Needless to say, the ensuing texts were both hilarious and unfit for print.

Honestly, for those of us who grew up in the 90s — like me — the idea of a legal marijuana dispensary operating in Massachusetts still seems somewhat preposterous.  We might have been at the Boston Common to see Green Day play Hempfest, but it was easy to dismiss the guys shouting in bullhorns about the legalize movement.  Well, here we are — thirty years later — and here I am, working in the cannabis industry.  I’d be a lot richer if I’d paid us much attention to the legalize guys, as I had to the music.

So, who am I?  I’m the guy in the corner of the parking lot checking to make sure I have no identifiable clothing on before heading inside for a meeting (side note:  my mask was on before I pulled off the highway).

What drew me to the Elevated Roots team was twofold:  1) they want to be the best; and, 2) they believe that everyone fits into the Elevated community (including amateurs like me).

I’ve had the occasion over this past year to be at a ton of small gatherings.  It has struck me that the one part of these gatherings that is exactly the same as 1994, is the sneaky, giggling marijuana use.  So, while I’ll leave it to guys like Rahul Patel to know the ins-and-outs of the products we carry, I’m here to provide an entry into this world for folks who never thought they were invited (or who are adjusting to the fact that it even exists).

From new THC seltzers from our friends at Levia, to the emerging edibles market (it’s not just gummys), to the old fashion, look-what-I-brought-to-the-party pre-rolls, we’re here to help you become comfortable members of the Elevated community.

So, stay tuned.  We’re going to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on from our shared, unique perspective.   And, if you want to talk a little more about things like our curbside pick-up option, or schedule one of our staff to take you through our products in store, shoot me an email at the form below. (Or, we can just create a giant distraction in the parking lot so that you can slip in-and-out unnoticed; whatever works for you).

See you soon.  And remember:  You’re welcome here.

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