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Rahul’s Reserve: Northeast Alternatives

Posted on June 8th, 2021 to Curator's Corner with Rahul

KINGSTON, Mass. — This week, on Rahul’s Reserve, our fearless connoisseur is presenting two edible offerings from one of his favorite vendors, Northeast Alternatives.

“NEA is an award-winning local company from Fall River, Mass.,” said Patel, Elevated Roots’ Director of Operations.  “They have two main products that we carry.  The Double-Baked Chocolates and the Cannatini Gummies.

“The Double-Baked Chocolates are absolutely amazing. The moment you put it in your mouth, it just melts.  On the Cannatini line, all of the flavors are based off of cocktails.  For instance, they offer a Mojito-flavored gummy.  It’s all just really high quality.”

What impressed Patel most about NEA is their ability to deliver consistent THC counts in their edibles.

“It’s really important to have the right vendors on the edibles side.”  “NEA is very skilled at keeping their edibles at 100mg of THC.  Not every vendor has the ability to do this.”

For Patel, it’s all about seeking out companies who are invested in quality.

“We’re one of the only South Shore dispensaries that is able to keep them in regular stock,” he said.  “We’re excited to have new product coming just in time for this weekend.”

So swing on through and ask any specialist for access to Rahul’s Reserve.

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