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CBD comes to Elevated!

KINGSTON — This week, Rahul’s Reserve goes a bit off the board, welcoming in CBD products from Newburyport’s The Healing Rose.

“The Healing Rose is a local company licensed by the MDAR,” said Patel.  “Their major focus is body care and oils.

“I’m really excited to have both their CBD salves and their CBD bath soaks in stock this week.”

Patel is excited to branch out into the world of CBD products, which offer many of the benefits of the cannabis plant, without delivering any of the highs associated with THC.

“One of my main reasons is to bring item CBD into our store is to provide more options for our customers,” said Patel.  “CBD Is a nice alternative for customers to experience the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive components.  It doesn’t change a person’s mindset, but offers many amazing beneficial attributes.”

Swing by the store to check it out!

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