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Rahul’s Reserve: Affinisweets Macarons

Rahul’s Reserve: Affinisweets Macarons

KINGSTON, Mass — One of the coolest developments surrounding the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts has been the emergence of a range of high quality, boutique edibles.  Long gone are the days of “special” brownies and their unintended effects.

This week, on Rahul’s Reserve, our Director of Operations has a special shipment of cannabis-infused macarons from Affinity.

“They are the dictionary definition of a Boutique Cannabis Brand,” said Patel.  “They are simply the best at what they do.

That quality and attention to detail is crucial.

“Every single thing we do, from strain cultivation to testing protocols, to training our dispensary associates, ensures that our products provide the same undeniable results every single time,”  Affinity’s PR team explains.

The product is scheduled to arrive on Friday.  So, come on in this weekend and ask for Rahul’s Reserve!

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